SQL Server Developer Job Description Apr 2023

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Being effective as a SQL Server Database Administrator therefore requires a thorough understanding of SQL Server’s advanced capabilities and a corresponding level of technical acumen and sophistication. Provides software engineering services for the analysis, design, development and maintenance of complete web-based application systems supporting the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps and Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps programs. Written stored procedures and triggers extensively and working very closely with developers, business analyst and end users to generate various audit reports and troubleshoot their query problems and connectivity problems.

sql dba developer

Used SQL Profiler to trace the slow running queries and optimized query execution with the use of Index Tuning Wizard and Rebuild indexes if necessary. Used SSRS Reports to write complex formulas and to query the database to generate different types of ad-hoc reports for Business Intelligence. Developed SQL scripts to Insert/Update and Delete data in MS SQL database tables. Updates and inserts of records into data warehouse dimension tables using SCD type I, and type II in SSIS.

What is a system database and what is a user database?

Responsible for deploying reports to Report Manager and Troubleshooting for any errors during the execution. Deploy/Design cubes in SSAS environment using Snowflake/ and Star Schema Designs for Data warehouse purposes. Performed migration and data transformation from existing database to the new implemented database structure using SSIS. Created reports using SSRS 2008 and deployed them in the production server.

They end up doing the development DBA position by default when their team needs database work done. An Active-Passive cluster is a failover cluster configured in a way that sql dba training only one cluster node is active at any given time. Transactional Replication would useful when maintaining a copy of a transactional table such as sales order tables etc.

Top 10 Frequently Asked SQL Server DBA Interview Questions

Then let me know if you’ve got more specific questions, but I can’t give you general career guidance when I don’t even know who you are. I am from commerce back ground, but i want to do my carrier in IT so https://remotemode.net/ current i am doing PL/SQL & Oracle DBA (Workshop1 & Workshop 2). Please suggest after finish this what kind of job roll i have to handle…. Liz – yeah, most development DBA positions are filled from within.

In terms of the education level, there is not any degree required to become a SQL developer but to have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field can help to decrease job finding period. At the same time, some companies may determine a bachelor’s degree as a mandatory requirement. In this decade, the data volumes increased gigantic and for the next years, this momentum will increase exponentially. In this situation, to be a SQL developer is the right decision to reach a good career and salary. Successful and talented SQL Server developers are still in high demand by the market with a satisfying salary.

SQL DBA/Developer Jobs in Raleigh, NC

Coordinated with the front-end developer to put in the business rules. Created procedure to check some of the rules at the backend at the time of entering data. Involved in disaster recovery working on failover clusters for Production Database.

  • I’m trying to gain more skills, but I’m worried that I can’t seem to find any Development DBA type positions.
  • If you’ve got the right skills for the job, we want to hear from you.
  • High-Safety Mode is to ensure that the Principal and Mirrored database are synchronized state, that is the transactions are committed at the same time on both servers to ensure consistency, but there is/might be a time lag.
  • Depending on the specifics of the position and the organizational structure, a SQL Server DBA can be expected to perform a wide variety of mission-critical functions for the company.
  • An Active-Active cluster is a failover cluster configured in a way that both the cluster nodes are active at any given point in time.

Experience creating, altering, tuning and debugging large complex stored procedures. Conduct periodic evaluations of existing T-SQL queries to identify issues and implement changes to increase query performance. A good understanding of other SQL and database related technology e.g. Version 1 is looking for an experienced DBA developer to join its Business Applications solutions team. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of developing in SQL Server solutions for mid to enterprise-level organisations.

Microsoft SQL Server DBA – Developer

They have to know project management skills, team lead skills, and programming. In order to get those skills, there’s a lot of different routes they could take, but the ones I’ve seen have usually come up through the ranks of programmer teams. – Sometimes it’s hard to tell, but I explain how to gauge DBA experience by the size of databases you’ve worked with. Designs, develops, and maintains standard reports using modern reporting tools like Crystal Reports , and non-standard reports or data retrieval using various tools based in Structured Query Language . Your role and responsibilities carried out in your earlier projects would be of significance to the potential employer. This is the answer that lets the interviewer know how suitable are you for the position to which you are being interviewed.

  • The major concepts were taught with ease and in lucid language, along with real-life projects.
  • Experience with practical application of best practices with relational data modelling using SQL Server.
  • This is a full-time permanent position based out of Rockstar’s unique game studio in New York City, NY.
  • We pledge “to prove IT can make a real difference to our customer’s businesses”.
  • Develop standardized procedures and functions for common conversion routines to increase data load efficiency.
  • Was second-in-charge in handling the data functional team and data load team that consisted several developers, business analysts and solution engineers.
  • Checkpoints, whether scheduled or manually executed, cause the transaction log to be truncated up to the beginning of the oldest open transaction .

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