A letter to My son, who is a drug addict Drugs

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When the subject of an intervention knows that help is available, making the choice to get assistance won’t feel so impossible. In preparing your letter, think about the ways in which facing addiction has changed your life and the life of your loved one. All of these things may seem par for the course for those in active addiction but will stand out as red flags to those on the outside looking in. As such, it’s not always easy to see how drug-seeking behavior can affect others. When it appears there is no resolution in sight, an intervention may seem like the only possible opportunity to communicate the real nature of a situation. Many, if not most, substance (ab)users resort to reducing or temporarily eliminating their immense stress through chemical means, i.e. euphoria until the drug wears off.

  • My opinions on why the drug laws are bad in the United States.
  • But the more you can understand that the addict is in pain and just trying to get out of it, the easier it can be to deal with the recklessness and chaos that comes with it.
  • There was even a part of me that believed I could become a better person with you.
  • Educating yourself about your child’s addiction is paramount for becoming their support system.

Our point is the situation has become a family disease fueled by addiction and adopted dysfunctional family roles. There is always something the family could have done differently. For many, it was waiting too long to do the intervention and offer help to their loved ones.


My opinions on why the drug laws are bad in the United States. And ideas I think we can do to make the laws better. Taking in drugs during sports can ruin the chances of being great.

The information contained on this website is not intended to be a substitute for, or to be relied upon as, medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This website is for informational purposes only. Always seek the advice of your physician or other goodbye letter to drugs qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The life of substance use that you have known for the last several years. I have no doubt from observing you that you hated every day you used substances.


When high or drunk, it’s virtually impossible to focus on anything outside the sensation, and when in withdrawal, the rest of the world fades away as the need for more drugs dominates. Desperate money problems, relationship breakdown – overdoses, homelessness, chaos and loneliness. And, finally, the realisation that you, my lovely son, are a heroin and crack addict living a most appalling life. The challenging thing for people that don’t have this craving to understand is how someone could have that craving in the first place. They wonder why the addict can’t just make a better choice. First, I want to say how sorry I am that you or someone you love is struggling with addiction.

  • Drug addiction is a complex issue that requires a multifaceted approach to address.
  • Most of the time, the addict and alcoholic believe most of the people in the room of the intervention are the cause of their pain and struggles.
  • During an intervention, the addict or alcoholic will most likely be defensive.
  • Because many people who suffer from addiction experience significant guilt due to their addictions, be clear about your concept of addiction as a condition.
  • I wanted to one last time, for old times’ sake, but I couldn’t.

Educating yourself about your child’s addiction is paramount for becoming their support system. Whether you’re a rising alcoholic or a heroin addict, it is difficult to get through the day. And your connection with your drug of choice is similar to a terrible love relationship. You may be aware that it is poisonous and harmful, but you still find it difficult to quit. A lot of thought and evidenced-based strategies go into the content of an intervention letter.

Why Drug Addiction should Be Solved

And I don’t think I’m just splitting hairs with that point. Sometimes, just as after a breakup, you need closure. As you stop your connection with drugs, writing a letter to addiction may be able to offer you this closure. You may let go of the past and your addiction with this letter.

  • It is time for us to take action and work together to solve this problem.
  • It’s a period in your life when the scales aren’t in your favor.
  • Almost everyday a family loses a member of their family because of an overdose on heroin.
  • After all, most people navigate their own lives with the assumption that they will remain steadfast in their convictions.
  • Please know that wherever and whenever that happens, your parents will be waiting.
  • No, I am making the decision to leave you now.

The root of all alcohol and/or substance use disorders ultimately digs into the relationship a person has with themselves. Writing a letter to that same self provides an unparalleled opportunity to reconnect and forgive oneself for the ways https://ecosoberhouse.com/ they feel they have damaged their own well-being. Drug addiction not only affects the individual but also has a societal impact. It can lead to increased crime rates, as individuals may turn to illegal activities to support their addiction.

Letter: Neglecting people dealing with drug addiction should never be acceptable

It’s okay to be complimentary; addiction doesn’t erase all good traits or turn a good person into a bad person. If there have been recent fights related to addiction, for example, using kind words can soften the blow of what is to come while reaffirming that previous bonds are still there. The lasting PTSD mental pain resulting from such trauma is very formidable yet invisibly confined to inside one’s head. It is solitarily suffered, unlike an openly visible physical disability or condition, which tends to elicit sympathy/empathy from others. It can make every day a mental ordeal, unless the turmoil is prescription and/or illicitly medicated.

drug addiction letter

The preconceived erroneous notion that drug addicts are simply weak-willed and/or have committed a moral crime is, fortunately, gradually diminishing. Your goodbye addiction letter might come in handy in the future. When times in recovery are challenging, you can refer to this letter to remind yourself why you selected to quit addiction in the first place.

police abuse

But then it’s too late, and you’ll know in your heart, that you are mine, and we shall not part. The column of your newspaper will help in fighting with this crucial issue and help to inform the readers and the authorities about this topic.

drug addiction letter

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